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Stump Grinding &Tree Stump Removal in Rockford

We specialize in stump grinding services and and tree root grinding services in the Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin areas and communities.

Rest easy, because when it comes to stump grinding and tree root grinding, no job is too large and no job is too small for us.

Some Information About Stump Grinding

We’re proud to have the correct and proper equipment to do both large jobs as well as small jobs. We do work for Commercial and Residential customers, so whether you own a business or a house and you need stump grinding, tree removal, mulch delivery and installation or any other service we offer, you can count on us to take great care of you!

How to measure a stump to determine the cost of stump grinding

image 1: How to measure a stump to determine the cost of stump grinding

We guarantee our work.

We will usually grind the stump down to around 12″ below ground level, however, we can grind to about two feet (24″) below ground level, if requested or necessary to do so.

We can get our stump grinding machines through a 36″ gate or opening – for areas that are normally inaccessible, special arrangement can be made, many times, to accommodate your needs.

Our equipment, staff and our operating procedures – are ALL landscape friendly!

Stump grinding is fast and affordable – get rid of that irritating stump once and for all!

How to measure a stump to determine the cost of stump grinding

Image 2:  How to measure a stump to determine the cost of stump grinding

We give rough estimates over the telephone (costs are usually based on the size of the tree stump, but other variables may also affect pricing – see images below).  Before we do any work, however, we will give you a firm, guaranteed price once we come out to the site to perform the work – that is, if you agree to have us do the work.

Things To Consider When Having A Stump Removed:

Is the area free where the stump, tree, bush or shrub near any underground utilities? If the work site is in a area that has underground power lines, cable t.v. lines, phone lines, communication lines or gas lines then the area should be blue staked. We will make the necessary arrangements at no cost. There is a 48 hour waiting period before work can begin from the time the arrangements are made (2 full working days).
Is the work area clear of things such as patio furniture, debris, rocks, toys, dog ‘waste’? It’s much better for us if the grass isn’t over watered the day of the service. Sometimes if the grass is wet, the stump grinder may tend to sink a little.
Clean Up:
When you have a stump ground out you end up with mulch. Depending on the size and type of stump depends on how much mulch you will have. Smaller stumps don’t produce much mulch but large stumps can produce a significant amount of mulch.  We don’t haul away the mulch unless we are hired to do so but we do back fill the mulch into the hole where the stump used to be. We rake and blow the work site and leave it looking nice.
Mulch Hauling:
Mulch hauling is an additional charge. We are equipped to haul any amount of mulch produced. When we are hired to haul the mulch that is left from a stump, we leave the area level and ready for new landscaping.

Things You Should Know About Stump Grinding

In the past (though rarely), damage has been caused to an irrigation pipe (sprinkler pipe) or out door lighting wire. If pipes or wires are damaged for reasons beyond our control, you will be responsible for the repairs.

If we damage a sprinkler head or other objects by accident or neglect, that is above ground level, we will make the repairs.

Payment Options

Payment is due when the work is completed unless other arrangements have been made PRIOR TO the work commencing.

We accept Cash, Checks, Money Orders, VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card, American Express as forms of payment for our stump grinding (and other) services.